Android App Gotchas that trip you up

So I’ve decided to keep a growing list of Android gotchas that have killed my time & patience unnecessarily. Hope someone reading this can avoid these.

  • Broadcast Receiver: So if you want to use Broadcast Receiver to receive your alarms and then in the onReceive you want to do some work, e.g. save some stuff over in SharedPreferences. Good luck with that. 3 days and I have had no luck. My SharedPreferences just don’t get updated. Tried to do this inside onReceive completely. I didn’t want to start a new Service, since that would require getting a WakeLock. And if you already have an app in the store, then setting a Wake Lock will require getting users to manually grant you that permission; which means that the app can’t really be updated automatically.
  • If you add or even remove permissions from your app, then Google would mark the app to be upgraded manually, ie forget about automatic upgrades from your users.
  • Google Play store seems to schedule upgrades at midnight. So if you push a new update to your app that’s already in the store, new users will get the new version, but the older versions may have to wait almost 1 day to be upgraded.
  • An app once declared free, remains free for its lifetime, ie by Google Play Store’s ToS, you can’t convert it to a paid app later.

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Collector of factoids. Love capturing images forever on my Canon SLR. On this site, you will learn factoids you didn't know about in a delightful manner.
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