Compiling Vowpal Wabbit on Centos

Vowpal Wabbit is an awesome machine learning tool using which you can build logistic regression models online. While building it on a Centos flavor of Linux, I ran in to a lot of issues, and I wanted to highlight the steps needed to be able to build it successfully on Ubuntu. The documentation of Vowpal Wabbit includes great instructions on how to get it installed on Debian Linux but not so much for Centos:

  • If you don’t have boost libraries installed, then on Ubuntu, you need to get them via “yum install boost-devel” and “yum install boost”.
  • Then in the vowpal wabbit directory, run “./configure”
  • run “make”
  • run “make intall”
  • If you see errors like “undefined reference to pthread_create” while doing “make”, then add the following line to your file: LDFLAGS='-lpthread'
  • That’s it!
Good luck building your machine learning models using Vowpal Wabbit.

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