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Holiday Trojans and Botnets to be aware of: Storm 3.0 and First Android Botnet

Every year around the holiday season, the malware writers and botnet operators get busy, attempting to infect new machines and recruit more unsuspecting user machines. This year, so far there have been two interesting events: – Mobile security company, Lookout … Continue reading

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Media coverage on our ACM paper on Domain-Fast Flux Botnets

Prominent journalists who routinely cover cyber security related news recently wrote about the techniques we developed to detect botnets that employ domain fast-flux. We presented our paper at ACM IMC 2010, in Melbourne, Australia. 1) “New Technique Spots Sneaky Botnets”, By Kelly … Continue reading

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Zero-day Detection of Domain-Flux Botnets

Ever wondered why Botnets such as Conficker would generate domain names that look gibberish, i.e. from a language with no properly matching vowels and consonants? Despite the massive sophistication exhibited by Conficker, it left only one Achilles heel, and I … Continue reading

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